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3 days ago


👀 Anyone catch the wonderful Dr Amir Khan on Good Morning Britain this morning? 👀
He’s a doctor who really understands that creating a great collaborative experience makes for better outcomes for his patients and himself!
We are thrilled that he will be delivering the Opening Address at this years Cx Congress– Dr. Amir Khan, NHS GP, trainer and presenter of the TV series ‘GPs: Behind closed doors’
Amir will deliver our keynote on how to manage and support people who are worried or emotionally stressed. Just one of the amazing speakers we have for you. Book now to avoid disappointment - cxclub.care/cx-congress-saturday-13th-june/
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1 week ago


Some of you will recall Cathy U'Ren from Pet Wellness Centre who spoke at CXCongress last year
She has posted this with some very useful links
There are no words to describe how we feel about the fires in Australia
So sad
So helpless
Yet we can help
The folks on the ground need cash to keep going
Cathy has posted this so please feel free to share far and wide so we can help folks to carry on caring
🐨🇦🇺 💔Like all of you, we’re utterly heartbroken at the devastation wrought by these merciless bushfires. We all are, or know someone affected. The scale and the destruction is unfathomable. We feel helpless and we want to do something, anything to assist.

We already have and will continue to contribute in the best way we can, with cash donations.

If you are in a position to help and would like to do something for the animals involved then please consider a donation to any of these funds below.

We wish love, strength and healing to all of those affected, human and animal, and we’re so very grateful to everyone helping on the front line 🐨🙏🧡




Credit artist “Melanippeart” 🙏
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2 weeks ago


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3 weeks ago


Have a peaceful and happy Christmas
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4 weeks ago


“Ring your own bell”. - regularly!Welcome to the last Monday before Christmas

Today as we head into Christmas we are inspired by this lovely bell that was given as a gift.
There are so many things to be thankful for and sometimes the world throws bad stuff your way.
It’s a good thing to have a physical reminder to help remember all the good stuff you do and this bell has become that for us

The bell sits in the office at OnswitchHQ as a tangible reminder that what we do day to day really matters to so many people

It doesn’t matter to everybody and sometimes the negative nelly voices seem louder than those who really do appreciate what we do

So today, your Monday inspiration is to ring your own bell, praise yourself for what you do that is great and remember the folks who love and value you

Make time to celebrate all the positive feedback
Have a weekly metaphorical bell ringing where everyone hears all the good feedback

Have a great Monday and let’s hope for a peaceful festive season
#RingYourOwnBell #Values #Thankyou #Cx
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How would you rate your practice's euthanasia experience? At the @Cxclubcare Congress, @drmarygardner explained how we can increase the number of clients that return to a practice after euthanasia: https://t.co/0Kp8iGhY5w

@CathMayorMayNot @Cxclubcare @OnswitchLtd It's the little extras that literally cost nothing...it's care & personal touch!

Avoid surprising customers is key
Great customer experience is about making it easier to visit the vet and get great patient outcomes #MakeItEasier #MakeItSimpler #CxCongress2019
#NoSurprises #cx #FixedFee https://t.co/8hE2H0aXxE

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