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Cathy U’Ren is not your typical owner of a veterinary practice. She is not a vet and, prior to opening the doors of her first Pet Wellness Centre, had never worked in a veterinary clinic. Her background, instead, was one of pushing boundaries in whatever she set her mind to. In her mid-20s she took off on a solo world discovery tour, backpacking through South America, North America, Russia, Europe and South Africa. Returning to Australia she took an administrative job with an entrepreneur looking to build a corporate dental group and quickly convinced him that she was the person to run the operations of the business. Seven years later she had built a business employing over 1,000 staff in more than 75 clinics generating revenue of greater than AUD100m.

Cath’s first introduction to veterinary care came when she was lured across to run the Australasian operations of Henry Schein’s veterinary technology business. The combination of this professional experience and a very personal experience with her Boston Terrier named Brain led Cath to three conclusions: 1. She loved the animal health industry; 2. She needed to be her own boss; and 3. Pet care needed to change.  It was her view that while the way we feel about our pets has changed, the animal health industry has failed to keep up. She’s on a mission to lead the change.

In 2016 Cath opened the first Pet Wellness Centre, a full service veterinary clinic that prides itself on being “more than just a vet”. Having no preconceived ideas of how a veterinary clinic should be, Cathybuilt Pet Wellness Centre from the ground up with a wholly customer focused perspective. Pet Wellness Centre’s ethos is Pet Wellness | Human Wellness | Community Wellness. Pets make people better people and by helping pets live longer, healthier, happier lives we contribute to the wellness of humans, and in turn the wellness of the community. Possessing unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of international corporate groups, Cath has been able to exploit the strengths of a small local business while drawing on her experience of running a national network to build a Centre that has treated more than 2,500 patients in its first two years.

Pet Wellness Centre’s super friendly and sometimes cheeky personality directly reflects Cath’s attitude to work and life. She prides herself on her team building ability and with over 15 years’ experience in key leadership roles Cath has honed her own unique leadership and business building style based on her philosophy that “If you focus on the people, the money will come. If you focus on the money, the people will go”.

Cath is a kickboxer, a yogi and an adventurer and explains her life mission as “the relentless pursuit of interesting experiences”. She believes people are the most fascinating experience of all.

 Pet Wellness Centre Burleigh Heads is just the beginning ….


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